Best Light Meter

Why do growers use light meters?

Light meters are devices that are used to measure the intensity of light in different places. Mostly indoor growers use the best light meter to measure the amount of light their plants receive from grow light.

It is essential indoor growing equipment because in indoor gardening growers use grow lights. These grow lights produce light energy that plants use to make their food. The process is called photosynthesis.  If due to any reason the light received by a plant is not an inadequate amount than the plant became weak and does not produce fruits.

This is the reason every greenhouse has multiple light meters to measure the amount of light falling on their plants.

Do not use Photographer’s Light meter

To know the exact amount of light your grow room is receiving from a grow light you should use the indoor light meter. Most of the beginners get confused between a photographer’s light meter and the plant light meter. They use a photographer’s light meter to measure light in their Small grow tents.

These light meters are sensitive to the light wavelengths as the human eye. But the light wavelength that plants use for photosynthesis is different. So, the best way to measure light in your grow room is by using plant light meters.

Signs of Low Light

If you see your plant is stretching towards the light than this means it needs more light. The solution to this problem is getting a new high wattage light or move your light little close to the plant.

Most of the time pests and diseases attack those plants that do not get enough light.

If your plants loss overall vitality and you do not see normal growth than your plants is surely receiving low light

Signs of too much light

If the new leaves turn yellow and thicken this means your plant is getting more than enough light.

Remember plants that grow under high bright light get burn easily. Because plant tissues are soft and they do not tolerate the high amount of bright light. This is the reason when you buy a grow light from the market. You get an instruction manual that tells you how to use the light along with the suggested distance that you need to maintain between the light and growing plant.

To play safe I recommend you to use LED grow lights because these are highly efficient lights. They emit a good amount of light that is suitable for plant growth and does not put harmful effects on humans.

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Best Plant light meter for indoor gardening

There are many plant light meters available in the market. New growers often get confused about whether they need to buy the 100-dollar light meter or 30-dollar light meter.

The golden rule of buying any indoor growing light equipment is always to choose trusted brands. When you buy something for your garden choose those brands that have a good reputation like Hydro farm, Vivosun, Power, etc.

These are some of the best manufacturers that are well known for their high-quality growing equipment. They also give years of warranty and their customer service is extraordinary.